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CanonBalls redux

Turns out I missed a reason for the recent insanity over there... namely a couple of plots that involved certain charas without informing their muns, one of which is only barely still in motion but limiting two charas' playability - and they're not happy about it.

Back after Phantom Menace came out, I joined a group that later started an interactive fiction set about six months after the events of the movie. There were set rules on interaction do's and don'ts, and the writers were to make sure not to clam each other's charas else they'd be removed from the story. We had a few rough spots at the beginning, but those got worked out after some Sunday chatroom discussions. Then about a year later, some new people (and a few of the older ones as well) started posting all over, trampling some attempts at minor plots and ignoring previously stated details. I couldn't handle it anymore and left two characters in limbo there.

I don't want to see that happen in CanonBalls.

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