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back to the mayhem in L.A. -

Written during the commercial breaks, so it's gonna be choppy.

Well, Paula's dead. I was wrong though, she did manage to give them the code first. But I'm still miffed.

Kim is still a moron. Dear, the evidence is gonna prove that Megan's injuries have been over a long period whereas you've only worked for the family a short time. But you run when Gary says the cops are going to believe him? Moron, moron, moron. If it wasn't for the fact it'd kill Jack, I'd be howling for her death, she's such a waste.

My reactions to-
Jack's face when he first saw Nina being brought in... *whimper*
Nina's face when she spotted Jack... *snarl*

I agree with Palmer's decisions regarding the shared intel. But telling Jack that he's giving Nina a pardon to get the info... bad, bad move.

Tony's interviewing Reza, who denies knowing that terrorist despite the personal files in his computer. Uh huh. And Kate is now her sister's least favorite person for having Reza investigated.

Jack finds out about Mason's death sentence and blackmails himself back into the fold. Kim gets her musician boyfriend to help her kidnap Megan from the hospital before the bomb goes off. (Nice guy, but obviously either dumb as Kim or blinded by love. I'll call it in a few more eps.) And the middle-east ambassador's chopper 'crashes' just as he's leaving from Palmer's compound - apparently no survivors.

Next week - the Jack/Nina face-off. Yummy.
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