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Canon Balls has been getting a little insane lately.

OK, that's an understatement. People have been dropping their characters like crazy due to either lack of time, losing the chara voice, or feeling like they're being ignored in the chats. What Screwballs remain are getting even crazier, and the second gen are getting journals before they get a dose of Miracle Gro (i.e., while they're still babies). It's starting to feel a bit too much like the Sockpuppets.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish up the latest summary post and can't get past Nov. 18. Two days late already, and I said I'd have it typed and sent by today at the latest.

I'm not going to quit the group, though. Vinca's too strongly set in my mind, and the hobbit character I'm trying is currently in my head having a rather distracting panic attack - which means I can definitely plan on setting up a journal for him.

Roland, though.... Every time I think I've got him understood, he turns around and tells me I'm dead wrong. I might just have to give him up for adoption, as much as it pains me.

*sighs* Gonna go back to work on the summary....

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