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GIP with a side order of geekiness....

Icon by tenebraeli (Thankies!) by way of the latest heart stopping image of Lij. First reaction is in use as the icon keyword. Second reaction - "Who the heck's been hacking into my dreams?"

Yes, I admit it - even though they're not the 'normal' type of dreams.

I blame this on the Rush Hour 2 DVD and its having 'hidden' two trailers for FOTR in the scene select.

In the first dream, I was in a movie with Jackie Chan and Lij. Of course, all I saw in that dream was the end credits/outtakes and only remembered two parts -

*I kept messing up a bit of technobabble, only to have Elijah try to feed me the line - and he flubbed it too. My reaction was to start laughing and shout "Vindication!"

*(this one obviously cribbed from RH2's outtakes) Serious scene - Jackie just finished his Big Speech when somebody's cell goes off. Namely mine, which I was positive I'd left in the trailer, but obviously I hadn't. (The fact that the ring tone was the Team Banzai March cinched it - even in my dreams, I'm a geek.) To top it all off, the caller turned out to be my mother. eep

Another dream filled in the bare bones of the plot - Jackie as a government agent who for some reason I haven't got yet has to bring in these two rival hackers (Elijah and myself) to help prevent some undefined techno/political sabotage.

Then there's last night's mess - part of the (completed and flub-free) technobabble scene from the first one. Keep in mind that these are the characters' handles, not their legal names.

"Armitage"(my character) was cussing out her setup in a odd mix of Japanese, Mandarin, and I think Irish. "Nanashi"(Lij) muttered something about her being a poser and asks-

N: Could you just pick a language and stick with it?'
A: Not a chance, pendejo.

The discussion (if you can call it that) then went straight to snarky insults of each other's thought processes, dress styles (Nanashi looking the stereotypical hacker, i.e., quite a bit like the photo only not as intense; Armitage looking like your average twenty-something country girl) and finally this-

N: Whatever, shrimp.
A: Who the hell are you calling a shrimp, shorty?
N: I'm taller than you.
A: Yeah? Well, you're still short!

I'm not sure, but I think this was my brain's attempt at the type of snarky dialog used for the two characters who are meant to wind up together before the final five minutes. (I always did want to be Beatrice when I grew up....)

And now, the way things are going, I'll probably have a dream bit where Nanashi's the bad guy or working for the bad guy and Armitage finds out a little too late....

I told y'all I'm weird.

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