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Why do I feel like it's lunchtime?

No CC tonight for some strange reason. I hate when that happens, 'cause I always feel like I'm missing important details then.

Did anybody else find the opening shot far too similar to something from the mass of news coverage during 9/11? TPTB are not pulling any punches this year.

Jack ups the death count by three because he couldn't wait five minutes to get Wald's address.

Kim, you moron. You never thought to tell the doctor that Gary was the one who caused Megan's head injury? Though you did fairly well dealing with the mom's "selective amnesia" during the phone call. But now Gary's on his way, as are the cops. Though if she's only been working for them a short time, and all Megan's previous 'accidents' have been occurring over a long period, the truth will eventually be known.... But per the show's specs, it'll take a hella long time - at least three to five eps, I'd wager.

For a moment, I thought somebody else ran into the shed to distract Jack while Wald (correct me if I'm wrong, but was that the guy who played Broots on The Pretender?) got away because his hair looked awfully white in that shot. Must have just been the lighting or something.

Meanwhile Mason's hiding the fact of his death sentence from Tony, who's pissed 'cause he thinks Mason's just trying to get the fuck outta Dodge... er, LA. So Tony's dealing with this as well as trying to help save Paula from under the rubble and run CTU as the highest ranked person there; not to mention that he doesn't know whether or not Kim reached CTU before the bomb went off and if she did, was she injured or killed?... He's gonna have a nervous breakdown before midnight, I'm sure.

And now the paranoid side of me is saying that Kate's dad is in on the terrorist plan, after the way he out-investigated his future son-in-law. Meanwhile, the cynical bitch side of me keeps wanting to shove some valium or something similar down Kate's throat as super jumpy as she's getting. (And this is the woman TPTB are planning to maybe have as Jack's possible romantic interest? Oy vey.)

Just as Tony's finally getting control of everything so far and Paula is on her way to the hospital to try and save her life, Mason shows back up. Control freak that he is, he made sure his radiation poisoning wasn't "contagious" first and promptly takes over. First order of business - get Paula awake and finding out the encryption codes, never mind the fact she's got serious internal bleeding and will die if they don't get her out of there right this second.

Tony waffled. I'm sorry, but that's my view and I'm gonna stick with it until somebody proves me wrong. I'm almost glad he's taking this as "It's all my fault she's dying because I'm the one who brought her in."

I'm starting to like Lynne... she's trying her best, but just not getting anywhere with it. Goes all guilt trippy with the offer to tender her resignation, but Palmer's not having it and says he trusts her. Granted, he's snarling when he says this, but it's been a rough four hours for him and things don't look to be getting better anytime soon.

My exact reaction when the agents tell Rayburn that the president wants to talk to him -
*sing-song* "Rayburn's in trouble-" *stops singing, blinks* "Shit, he was using a Mac!"
For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, during Season One a computer-savvy viewer pointed out the fact that all the good guys were using Macs, while the villains and moles used PCs. Though for all I know, TPTB may have inverted the "rule" this time around.

Wald offs himself, but not before giving Jack some photos of the woman who gave him the info for the bombing - good old Nina, Jack's former co-worker, lover, and the woman who betrayed CTU and killed his wife and unborn child last season. So this attack has obviously been in planning for around two years.

Next week: Gary threatens Kim, Paula's life is apparently as good as over (and if it is, I'll bet she never chokes out the codes, thus adding to the Mason-Tony fires), and Nina's back. It just keeps getting better and better, don't it?

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