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How to fix a clamming*....

Back over at CanonBalls, my character Roland had joined up with another wraith, Dooley, in order to try and attack Sauron. Last night, I went into the chat room and found out that Dooley had returned to the Meeting Hall claiming Roland had knocked him out and sent him back. Gee, thanks for asking what I'd planned to do....

Then tonight, Dooley posted in his journal that he didn't really know what happened when he was KO'd, just presumed that it was Roland's actions. So I started a private conversation with Sauron's mun (who also plays Eowyn) in the chat.

> In as Dooley isn't quite sure how he got back, want to joint plot a possible reason?
eowyn> uuuuh maybe.. lol, what's the plot reason?
> maybe they were attacked as they entered and Dooley's horse ran for it... but Roland wasn't as lucky, perhaps?
eowyn> sure
eowyn> awwww poor Roland
> You want to kill him or torture him? We can go with either...
eowyn> uhmmmm- whatever you want
eowyn> Sauron goes both ways
> Torture, but everyone thinks he's been killed. No chance in hell of rescue.... Damn, I'm just going full out for the angst, ain't I?
eowyn> lol- yus, but angst is fun!!
eowyn> i always do that to my charries!
eowyn> "no.. no dont rescue her... let her be tortured and maimed!!"
> true, but there *are* limits. One of the reasons Vinca's going on that quest - to try and pull herself back together.
eowyn> *nods*
eowyn> yah, thats why wyn is opening up an ice cream store!
> Cool. So Roland's stuck in Mordor's equivalent of The Pit of Despair and everyone think's he's been killed.... How should we post this?
eowyn> mmmm i guess just posts (story or non, either way works) in both people's journals
> Ok... is Sauron the type to send a mocking note by orc messenger?
eowyn> of course
> Something to Dooley, along the lines of how killing *him* would have been too easy, but killing his friends...
eowyn> *grins* *nods*
> and maybe including a tattered wraith cloak, just for kicks
eowyn> *nods*
eowyn> a bit of blooooood?
> do nazgul bleed? if so, go for it... Meanwhile, I'm gonna have to get a 'bloody' icon for the boy.
eowyn> lol, well everyone drinks nazzie blood
eowyn> *nods*
> I thought it was nazzie horse blood....
eowyn> ooooooooooh
eowyn> well, ecy drank actual nazzie blood that one time but.. yah
eowyn> I'll include nazzie horse blood
> best 'bloody' shot I have of the actor [Michael Praed] is where he has the typical trickle from the corner of his mouth after being punched. Is that good enough, you think?
eowyn> sure
> *shakes her head* I know where to get a better shot for 'locked away', but it's barely bloody and I haven't made an icon of it yet.
eowyn> *nods*
> I can do that tonight, though. You post the message sometime tonight, and I'll have Roland's side posted by tomorrow.
eowyn> alright
> and the clamming has been sorted out. I love this group!
eowyn> hehe

*For those of you reading who don't take part in interactive fiction or RPGs, clamming is the act of writing/portraying the thoughts, words, or deeds of another writer/player's character without their permission.

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