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time to up the body count....

Kim didn't kill that slimeball Gary, so the police are only looking for her on child abduction (and assault, I'm willing to bet); on the plus side, she found Megan about five minutes later. *cue suspension of disbelief*

I may be wrong about Lynne, but Rayburn is just too obvious a villain. I'm hoping he gets what's coming to him sometime in the 21 hours left.

If Kate acting like nothing's wrong is to only way to keep her family safe, we can expect to see them dead by next week - the girl can't lie worth a damn. Why her sister didn't call her on it is beyond me.

I'll admit I don't like Mason, but even so - a one to seven day life span after inhaling plutonium is not something I would wish on anyone.

Poor Jack - couldn't really talk to Kim on the phone due to his company, failed to keep both the phone company workers alive, had to slice the back of his scalp open *ick!* to cover his part in the survivor's escape, thinks his warnings didn't get back to CTU in time, and has no idea his daughter was there when all hell broke loose.

Do not tell me that Paula's gonna wind up red-tagged on the official site. One, they're gonna need her to de-encrypt the info (thanks tons, Rayburn you ass). Two, she's too nice to be killed off this soon (or at all. Am I prejudiced here? Oh no, not at all). Finally, if they keep killing off the techies, they're never gonna be able to do anything.

And apparently next week, Megan's head injury is going to catch up with her, Mason's going to make me forget he's dying and want to reach through the screen and smack him, and Jack's gonna break cover at just the wrong place and time. Joy.

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