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How I survived my parents' wedding....

The day started off with me going over some last second notes with the lady sitting in for me at the office. Left about 8:30ish for Mum and Dad's.

When I arrived, Mum was getting ready to leave for Bartlesville to get Neechan (my sister, who moved down there a while back) since her car's in the shop at the moment. So while Dad was grumbling about the icing on the cake having shifted and whether they'd be back in time for lunch, I wound up taking the punch ingredients down to the church before my hair trim and styling appointment.

Got back from the stylist to an empty house. Dad showed up about fifteen minutes later, impatient as always and wanting to know if I was ready to go out to lunch. We were on our way to the car as Neechan came driving up. Mum was getting her hair worked on and had left her floral headpiece at the house.

Of course, none of us could find it.

Dad was pissed by this point, raving that we were going to be late to lunch. (I though that meant we were going to the fancier place in town.) So Neechan and I left for the stylist's, while Dad went to lunch. Gave Mum the bad news ("We'll probably find the stupid thing this evening," she replied. My comment - "More likely, sometime next week."), got all our styles woven and coated with enough hairspray to choke an elephant due to the wind, called up the florist's to get a replacement headpiece made, and headed to lunch.

Turns out lunch was at the local cafe, which was only open because the high school football team had a huge local game at 1 that afternoon. (There went the majority of the local invitees.) Dad was a lot calmer by this time. Mainly because his brother and sister-in-law were there as well and had basically told him to put a sock in it.

After lunch, I wound up finishing up the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets with my aunt at her house. Fairly easy task, just wrapping the stems of the faux flowers together with florist's tape, then making and putting on the ribbon bows. Headed back to the parents' about 1:30ish.

Remember that football game at the high school?

The field is a block away from the house.

So I drove through the tangle of cars that were taking up the streets for parking, and arrived to find everybody else had gone to the church already. Ran up to my old room to get my gown and found a plastic bag looped onto the hanger. Mum and I were both wrong - we found her headpiece before the ceremony.

Got to the church and found everyone there except Mum - she'd just run back to the house for the shoes. Went to start changing, only to be sent to the house again because they'd forgotten the guest book, and Mum had started back to the church about two minutes before that sans cellphone. Fought the cars again (even more of them by this time), got the book, took the long way around the block, and got back to the church with just enough time to get changed.

We were in RenFaire garb, which for me meant a gauzy teal/turquoise chemise, a creamish colored bodice with light pastel embroidery work, and a ivory 'satin' skirt (which I couldn't find for a few minutes. Luckily, it was just hanging on the back of a door). If I wasn't for my recently red hair, I could have passed for The Lady of the Lake. Had to pin up a bit of the chemise to bunch over the skirt, so I wouldn't trip over the hems. My aunt helped me with that, all the while joking about hoping not to skewer me with the straight pins we had to make do with. She wound up stabbing herself in the finger and bleeding a little on the gauzy stuff. At least it was hidden by the folds.

The ceremony started about ten minutes late, and there were maybe a dozen people there out of the hundred and some that were invited - but it went fairly well after that. Had the reception in the church Guild Hall, got changed back to mundane wear (Dad faster than the rest of us, since he didn't want to wear the leggings any longer than necessary - the wuss), and cleaned up after everybody.

I got back to the office around 4:30 and asked the substitute if she could stay a bit longer while I washed the gunk out of my hair. She did, and I went back to work at 5.

And I repeat - If I ever do wind up getting married, like as not I'm gonna elope. (Either that, or demand a few dozen rehearsals.)

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