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and the violence escalates...

Fairly certain I missed some details thanks to the OK election reports taking up about a third of the screen and killing the captioning.

Okay, we have proven that the hacksaw was not for getting rid of the cuffs. Guess you can show a head sans body on basic cable as long as you don't show the cutting line.

Kim didn't learn anything last year, did she? Shortcut down an alley - even (especially?) in a car, bad move. Plenty of other people around when they were being threatened by Gary, but does she scream for help? Oh no, that'd be too easy. And the piece de resistance - leaving the kid behind a bunch of cardboard boxes while she goes to find a phone. Of course she's gonna be gone by the time you get back, Kim - this is LA, not Mayberry. If the dad didn't find her, somebody else did. (Although I'm not sure whether or not Gary's still alive after the tire iron incident.)

If you're trying to rummage through a car before the owner catches you, and said car is a convertible with the top down, why waste time opening the door? *shrugs*

Thanks to a business call, I missed Palmer's meeting with the reporter who was going to break the story at noon.... If anybody reading caught that, can you fill me in?

Meanwhile, Jack is still in fine form by breaking Junior's ankle and joining the gang on their way to blowing up CTU. whoo hoo.

And if next week's previews are to be believed, Mason is in for a worse day than he thought.

The only bad thing about the show is having to wait for the next ep.

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