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Posting from work again...

Last weekend the Tulsa Expo Center was the home of Trek Expo 2002, which I attended for the main reason that Chris Demetral was one of the guests. If you don't remember him, he was the kid from the ST:TNG episode "Future Imperfect" and recently starred in The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne as the title character.

Had to get up at 5 A.M. due to the fact that I was driving Mom to work (her inner ear's messed up, so her driving is shot to hell). Might not have been so bad, except for the fact that I hadn't been able to fall asleep until sometime after 1:22. Arrived at the Independence Wal-Mart about 6:30 or so, after driving a bit farther into town for her coffee. Thought to get an 'apple pie' for breakfast, but they weren't ready yet. Got a mini-bag of ranch Doritos instead and headed out of town a bit before 7.

Got to Tulsa far too early. In my own defense, I had thought that would be a good thing, considering my horrendous sense of direction. Unfortunately, I soon found the Performing Arts Center and could work my way back from there fairly easily. Sat in the car for 15 minutes waiting for Borders to open so I could kill another hour (well 30-odd min. anyway) before the con.

Arrived at the Expo Center about 9:45-ish. Got a good parking space, but a lousy spot in line. Oh well. Finally got in and bought a general ticket, which got me a seat in the bleachers for the Q&A sessions. Found the SAJV booth easily enough. Just walked straight in and it was in front (and a little to the side) of the bleachers.

There they were, people I'd talked with a dozen times online; Susan M. Garrett, Jen (known on the boards as vVSavageVv), and The Adorable One himself. In real life, however, I froze. Babbled a little, grabbed some of the freebies, and fled to the far side of the building. Came back for his Q&A session, which started 20 minutes later than planned. Not that many people, so the host asked the questions - generic ones that we'd already heard the answers to online.

Did a lot of looking and wished I had more to spend, especially when I spotted a CD soundtrack of the Buffy musical episode ($60!!!). Also tempted by a $30 DVD with said musical, another ep, and the pilot that Joss had used to sell the series in the first place. Oh, the agony of being a fan girl with an anorexic budget.

By 3:25, I was starting to feel a bit run down. Decided there was no way I could stick around for the rest of the con, or the 'Dinner with the Stars' afterwards. So I bought a Buckaroo Banzai tee with the $20 I'd been holding onto for the meal, headed back to the SAJV booth, and purchased a shot of Chris as Jules for an autograph. Almost gave him my board name, but stuck with the legal one. He thought it was pretty, but I'm not that crazy about it any more.

Left Tulsa around 4, got home at 6, collapsed onto my bed, and slept till 5 A.M. Sunday, when I had to chauffeur Mom again.

Not the greatest writeup in the world; but then again, I never claimed to be a journalist.
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