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bit of rant and rave....

Finally back online.... Haven't had much to say recently, then my stupid laptop got stalled over the weekend by a problem in the virus scan - just kept freezing up on the 18th pass before starting up Windows. Finally had to get my dad and uncle to help me get into the system and delete the scan program. Reinstalled it after finding everything else was ok, of course... just haven't gotten the latest updates yet.

On the positive side of things, however....

Am I the only person out there who liked Jack's beard? *sighs* I still think he should have kept it, if only for a few more episodes.... Mason, however, should lose his facial fuzz ASAFP.

Love Nervous!Overachiever!Paula.... Hope to TPTB she's not another mole, the way some people over at the forum seem to think. Been there, done that, let's move on.

Too. Many. Blond. Lookalikes. Very hard to tell the difference between Kim, the lady she's working for, or the bride and her sister over in plot C.

Ensign Ro as Palmer's aide- makes me wonder what's going to happen there since almost every role I've ever seen that actress in are all sneaky plotters. Almost willing to bet she's in league with Lady MacBeth.

This season is gonna be a hella lot darker, starting with Jack's killing the Federal witness in the conference room. Yes, I am well aware that Goren was a immoral piece of filth that was going to walk after his testimony, but I get the feeling that the same thing would have happened if the guy had been a fine upstanding citizen who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Of course, TPTB wouldn't have let it be written like that, but Kiefer just gave that sort of vibe....)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just gained a new fandom.
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