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SPN 4.22

Yeah, I know. Epic fail on keeping up with any commentaries. I can only plead stress, lack of time, and the inability to say what I want to if I have to think it out after the fact.

One thought out comment before the show starts - Good verses Evil. The oldest storyline in any form of storytelling, and the one thing that always comes into play?

Is that there has to be a balance. If one side gets too powerful, something will reverse the scales. Camelot, the Jedi Order; all toppled from within. Good cannot fully destroy Evil, anymore than Evil can fully destroy Good. Not that it will ever stop either side from trying.

And right now, the boys are caught on the blades both ways.


The road so far - Once more, Carry On. Ending with Sam and Dean recreating the college fight, joy.

Possession of a priest in a church. Great. This cannot end well.


Nuns slaughtered off screen as we blast to title screen.

Fade in on Sam and Ruby. Ruby talking 'reuniting with Dean after', Sam knows better.

Fade in on Dean and Bobby. Bobby talking 'try to talk to your brother again', Dean saying "I'm not sure if he's my brother anymore. If he ever was."

Thank you Bobby, for giving Dean the bitchout the rest of us wanted to give him!

"Don't be [your dad.]"

Dream realm - "Almost time."

Lilith's cook starts to collect the 'roast', until Sam blasts her against a wall.

Zach, shut the hell up before I gag.

Last seal, surprise, surprise. "Lilith is the only one who can open it." Five bucks says that's with her death.

That voicemail is going to kill me, I swear to God. Cutting out.

Sam tortures the location out of the cook, who is now Sam's next blood source. Shame her 'meatsuit' is still alive - and now very much awake.

Flashback - 1972? This was the opening scene's aftermath? Lucifer talking through a dead nun's voice. And the hunt for the Psych Kids begins.

Back in present time, Sam's waffling on keeping the nurse. Not that Ruby's letting him.

Dean wants to talk to Sam - Cas doesn't think it's wise.

And Dean is Bound. With about the same reaction as anybody from Milliways has had, along with trying - and failing - to bust out on one's own.

Big surprise. Zach wants the seals broken, Good to win the war and too bad, there's going to be major casualties on Earth. "Look. It happens."

Dean's destined to stop Lucifer, and "God has left the building." Halfway mark, and I'm betting we're heading for the mother of all cliffhangers.

At the abandoned convent. Lilith as a creepy blonde, even before the white eyes. One less security guard on Earth.

Damnit Cas, you're not doing the right thing!

Okay, who fucked with the voicemail?!?!?? My money's on Zach.

And the nurse is dead.

Cas warding the walls and blasting Zach FTW!

Yep, called it. Then again, who hadn't?

Chuck! In the middle of writing the ep, or has he finished?

Lilith just lost all her backup. In one second.

"Making it up as we go." Cas vs. archangel, zaps Dean to the convent.

Stop him, Dean, stop him! Almost-

and then suicidal Lilith, black eyed Sam... dead Lilith.

oh no.

oh no no NO!

(side note - My Bloody Valentine ad. Not the best timing, emotionally wise.)

Blood trail circling around in an impossible manner.

And Sam learns the truth too late. Not that he can do anything about the bitch now. Burned out on Lilith.

Dean ganks Ruby while Sam holds her in place.

"I'm sorry."

Brothers reunited, and the screen goes white, roll credits-
*frustrated scream*
Kripke you magnificent BASTARD!!!!

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