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Reality sucks.

I finally got a call in to the phone company the other day, and they told me someone would come to set up the line today. They never showed.

Bought a virus scan yesterday to replace the one I lost a while back when I had to overhaul my laptop. It refuses to install because it says I need a newer version of Internet Explorer.

Meanwhile, my new boss is complaining that -

1) I need to make the office/living area look 'presentable' (i.e. he thinks he has the right to keep rearranging my stuff)

and 2) that my kitties are smelly and if I don't do something about that, I need to 'give up at least one of them'.

A bag of hard candies on the far side of the work area does not a disaster area make, sometimes dishes need to soak a bit in the sink, and the younglings do not smell, thank you very much - I clean the litter box a few times a day, and Osiris is getting washed three times a week on the vet's orders (due to a bit of ringworm - Isis is just fine, aside from the ear drops they both need.)


Heading out to the Baxter Springs Ren Faire with Mum in the morning. Hopefully, things will start going back uphill from there.
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