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SPN 4.01

Okay y'all, I'm going to try typing this out as I watch. No promises on how well this'll work, mind you - last time I tried this was the '02-'03 season of 24, and that didn't go so well....

AC/DC recap for last season - nicely kick-ass.

Once again, we deal with the cliche of 'Character digs hirself out of own grave'... though the ring of flattened trees is a new touch.

September 18th, I.E. today. Nice touch.

Back intact, but with a handprint burned onto his left arm. And flippin' through the girly mags. It's Dean, alright.

Though the TV and radio going wacky isn't a good thing - shrieking sound and exploding windows, WTF?!?

"Call again and I'll kill you." Can't say I blame Bobby one bit. Still, silver knife and face full of holy water for the win.

Sam out on his own, refusing to salt-and-burn Dean....

Wedge Antilles? (SS last 4 digits - 2474) Does Sam insist that Han shot firstbecause he did, dammit and avoid the prequels on principle?

Astoria Motel, Pontiac IL.

Okay, who's she?

Sam didn't bring him back?


"So, are you two, like, together?
"What? No, he's my brother."
Me: *snickers*

Either Sam's telling the truth, or he's become one hell of a liar over the last few months.

And Sam was wearing the amulet!!!!

"Can't remember a damned thing." Which means he's going to be hit with flashbacks all season.

No signs of Ruby, thank Christ.

No powers?

IPod with wimp rock? Dean, I feel your pain.

Bobby's psychic friend, tough chick. Gotta like a girl who can lift Bobby when she hugs him and wants a threesome with the brothers. So of course - Castiel? Burns her eyes out. (CC had her saying Castiello, but I've already caught one article about that guy/gal; enough for me to get the right spelling.)

Dean wants to summon Castiel, Sam wants to find the demons he was chasing into town. Sam wins the discussion, as their waitress is a black-eyed bitch - who doesn't know anymore that they do.

Dean tips her for the pie anyway. *snickers*

Sam sneaking out to go kill the demons while Dean's out cold. And the electronics all come blasting on in the room, windows and ceiling mirrors start breaking, Dean's ears are bleeding from the high pitched tone, and Bobby barges in as we cut to commercial, damnit!

We're all fine, though, and both brothers are lying to each other about where they are/what they're doing.

Dead body on the diner floor, sans eyes - and Sam gets the snot pounded out of him by the demon waitress, who's also blind. Before he sends her back to Hell with his powers.

And Ruby's back. New body, though - is that the same girl from the hotel? Ick.

Dean and Bobby have the ultimate boggle-trap "guaranteed to hold anything I've ever heard of'. Five bucks says whatever it is is something they've never heard of, then.

Sammy, didn't you ever read the Narnia books? Evil done in the name of good is still evil, damnit!!!

Okay, who called the John Constantine wannabe?


Still alive, whew.

Angel of the Lord, huh. Nice wings. And angels need to possess people too, it seems. (So does that mean Dean killed a devout man, or do angelic possessions heal their hosts?)

"You don't think you deserve to be saved." Honey, the fans could have told you that ages ago.

Congrats, Dean - God's got you on a mission (most likely to either save or kill your brother). Hands up everyone who didn't see that one coming.

*crickets chirping*

I can buy this. Please remember, angels are not the harmless little winged babies that get posted all over the church nursery walls - they fight, they kill, and remember what the bible almost always states as the first thing an angel says to whatever human they're bringing the Word of the Lord? "Be not afraid." I don't know if anyone in the bible lost their eyes talking to one, but if we borrow from Greek mythology, mortals do tend to get toasted trying to see the true faces of the gods. Pretty sure Zeus lost one of his ladies that way.

next week - Ghosts!Victor and Meg. Oh Kripke, I forgive you somewhat.

Don't mess it up.
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