the nameless lady (nanashi_sama) wrote,
the nameless lady

KazCon - where "Scientific zombies? Good question." is an acceptible conversation.

So as I said in my voice post Thursday, we're in Lawrence at the moment. (On a side note, I'll be switching off the auto-transcribe when I get home.) What I hadn't seen the first time we came in the hotel was the business center and its two net-connected computers. So I'll try for typed updates from hereon.

It's a small con - sixty attendees, I think someone said, and only two guys. Met agt_spooky at lunch, and the_other_sandy is updating her LJ next to me.

Still fun, though. We drove out to the Old Stull Cemetary earlier, and just finished up the vid premiere/contest a little while ago... though due to Windows being its usual piece of shite self we didn't get to see all of the sample vids from the indiviuals who've offered their talents for the Sunday auction.

Gotta run, but I'll try to post a clearer version of things later on.

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