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nanashi's State of Insanity address...

Yes, I am alive. Just haven't had that much net access.

Remember a while back when I was subbing for the couple at the motel? Well, they decided that they wanted out for good, so guess who got first dibs at replacing them?


The pay's minimal, but I have my own place to live rent free. Only real problem is that there's only one phone line and it won't work with my laptop. So I've been checking my email at my parents' house for the past few days.

Also got two kittens yesterday, a boy(black) and girl(brown-grey tabby). Named them Osiris and Isis 'cause they have a very regal look and attitude when they're not being nervous about being in a new place.

things to do today-

call the phone company about getting a separate line in the bedroom

take the kitties to the vet (the appointment's at 2:30)

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