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Mom got root canals a while back. Spent a freaking fortune on them - and about three, four months later, all the teeth break off.


So, finances being what they are (i.e., non existant), Mom finds out about a free dental clinic that they're holding down at the Pavillion on Friday and Saturday. Since she has to dope herself up for this, I get volunteered into chauferring.

I need to get up 4:15 on Friday, which I do. Then I have to go wake her up, and she takes forever to wake up, and by the time we get there-

"Oh, sorry! We've got all the spaces we had filled up, so come back tomorrow."

So Mom decides, "OK, we're coming back at noon, see if we can get in." We can't. So we come back a little later, and now we are camping out in front of the building. I'm in the car because it looks like it's going to rain, but Mom' s just sitting out there with the rest of the crowd, and God help us all.

*sighs* So this is why I am AWOL. Sorry.”

Transcribed by: nanashi_sama
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