the nameless lady (nanashi_sama) wrote,
the nameless lady

A bit late, but what the hell.

As seen on nearly everyone else's journal - When you see this on your friends list, quote Firefly.

Wash: Oh, god! What could it be? We're doomed! Who's flying this thing? Oh. Right. That'd be me. Back to work.

from Bushwhacked

I loved Firefly. Still do. That said, I'm not going to see Serenity tomorrow.

I'm waiting 'til Saturday. *dives for cover*

My almost brother-in-law called a few minutes ago and ask if I'd come down to Bartlesville and see it with him, as I'm the one who introduced him to the show back in July when I loaned them my car. Neechan will not be going with us because 1) she's working, 2) we get along better if we don't have to spend that much time together and 3) she hates sci-fi.

To see a good movie with somebody else who'll enjoy it just as much - I can wait a day.

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