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I'm starting to wonder if I've got even the slightest chance in hell of doing anything with my life.

Job hunts have been going nowhere - you know you're fucked if you can't even get a callback from Wal-Mart.

Been thinking about taking some classes, getting trained in either computer tech or electrical work. Only problem is, the one good school I've found is a little on the pricey side. The advisor I talked with said I'd probably be able to apply for pell grants, since my income over the past couple of years has been nil. Dad, however, is demanding I look into the other vo-techs in the area.

Well guess what, papa-san. I already did. They're a little bit cheaper, alright, but their classes aren't nearly as comprehensive as where I want to go. Of course, if you hadn't 'borrowed' mine and Neechan's college funds in order to try and keep your former business afloat, we wouldn't have to deal with this, would we?

... forget it. 'S not worth the shit.

Don't know if anything is, really.

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