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Back on the net, thank the deity of your choice....

Got the computers up to the trailer last week, then had to wait a few days for Dad to replace the phone lines. (Stupid mice.)

Spent Friday though Monday packing up the house, storing the majority of it in the back of Dad's failed store (which is now the headquarters of the local genealogy society - Dad still owns the building though), and stressing massively. Headed back to Wichita with Mum Monday night so as to vote today while Dad stayed to finish moving out the furniture. He mailed in his vote last week - the sole Bush supporter of the family.

Today's story line-

Headed back to the house for a last bit of pack and store.
Back in Wichita by 7ish.

Been decompressing a bit, but the electoral coverage isn't doing me any good. All I can say is, if Bush wins, I'm gonna head straight for Canada and beg for political asylum.
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