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The beginning of the great exodus (and why I wish it was long since past)

Woke up and spent a couple of hours packing boxes, loading up the car and getting the cats caged - Yoda and Jewel in the big carrier, Isis and Osiris in the small one, and Smokes roaming free in the car (because if we put any two of the girls together, it would've been BitchFest '04). Mum and I headed out around 10:30ish so as to stop by the local vet on our way out and get everybody's shots up to date....

All well and good until Jewel's turn. The second they got her on the exam table, she went from timid little thing to psycho hell beast. Bit and clawed the assistant on the hand but good, then ran like hell for the most inaccessible corner in the back of the building. Took them 20 minutes to get a shot at tranquilising her.

Finally got up to the trailer and unloaded the cats and what boxes we could fit in along with the seven of us. Mostly clothes and bathroom stuff.

Meanwhile, Dad borrowed a SUV from one of his friends and packed it full. His contribution to the move? A breakfast nook that may or may not fit into the kitchen once it's all cleaned out, his collection of Precious Moments figurines which we have no room for at all, and a ton of other junk that doesn't need to be up there yet.

The floor in the entrance to the front door finally broke though while we were bringing in the junk - not completely, but there's a nice sized hole on the right side of the door as you enter. Dad has the plywood to cover the whole of the weak spots, but he isn't going to take it out of the SUV 'til he's brought up everything he can with it. Doesn't want to risk tearing the carpet, you know. So the hole's covered over with cardboard and duct tape for the moment, and just watch your step as best you can when carrying so much stuff you can't see where to step.

Finished with that mess and Dad headed back to the house. Mum and I took a little time to recover from the day, then started back around 6:30 - 7ish. Out on the highway, about 30 miles from the house and the end of the day, the right front tire goes flat.

This is an understatement. There were only three sides left on that tire when we got it changed - top, bottom and the side facing the car.

So, to sum it all up in one sentence -

Could y'all please start praying that we manage to survive this mess intact?

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