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Of jobs and cyber journals....

Finished painting on Wednesday, got my pay today - $270.

*geeky little dance of joy*

OK, so it's not the biggest paycheck in the world, but it's still more cash than I had yesterday. And for a real job, not that sitting around Da Boss has me doing at the store for room, board and lunches - though Th'Other Boss (my uncle) says they might need me for another paint job in a couple of weeks - I love working construction!

Still subbing at the motel, which is about the same as 'working' at the store except I get to watch a little TV, answer the phone a bit more, and get paid to do so. Got about a week more there.

*sighs* Meanwhile, back online, I can't get to my Screwball journal... or any of the others. Is it just me, or do these sites always go kerplooie nine-tenths of the times you have something you want/need to post?

*having said that, she crosses her fingers and hits the "Update Journal" button*

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