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Still alive, surprise, surprise....

Long time since I posted last. Two reasons for that.

1) The main reason. The last few months have felt all the same to me - wake up, do some housework, go job hunting, watch a little TV, surf the net a bit, call it a night. Same thing, over and over... not really worth the effort to log on and say "Yeah, same old."

2) Turns out my folks can no longer afford to live in the large house they built about 20 years ago, so we're packing up here and cleaning up Mum's battered little trailer home in Wichita - which we'll be moving into around the end of next week. They've got their transfers in at the Northrock Wal-Mart, and I've filled out a few job applications in the area....

Neechan's a bit upset about the whole mess. Mainly the fact we have to sell the house. Sure, she's moved out to her own place, but this is what she considers as 'the family home'. Me, I gave up the notion of home as a singular location about three or so moves ago.

Better call it a night. We're heading back up for more cleanup work in the morning.

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