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I sometimes wonder why I even bother....

The original plan for today was that Mum and I were going to Wichita for a double dental appointment at 3 - her getting a crown put in, me getting an exam in the hopes of finally getting rid of my wisdom teeth. Got the day off from both jobs, though we have to get those ceilings painted by Thursday.

Then the dentist's office calls and says they don't have her crown in yet. Mum's response? She makes an appointment with her stupid shrink (also in Wichita, but on the other side of town) for 3:40 and has me drive her up anyway. Around 2-ish her cell phone rings - the dentist's again.

They've got the blasted crown.

Mum now has an appointment tomorrow at 3, and I'm on hold 'til after I get those ceilings painted and finished subbing for the folks who run the motel.

I'm not happy, because I basically wasted a day where I could have had two paying jobs and have to wait even longer to get rid of those stupid teeth. Da Boss ain't happy 'cause he sees it as "Oh, she just ran off to play around instead of being a responsible employee".

One small comfort is that my copy of LOTR arrives tomorrow - even though I won't have any time to watch it for about a week or so....

Excuse me a moment... I need to strangle something.

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