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GIP and a brief summary of the past 2.5 months....

- Still job hunting. Think I've put in applications at every business in Independence, Bartlesville, and what few are in town. Indy Wal-Mart would take me, provided all the phone tag I've been sucked into gets me off the 'do not rehire' list.

- Dad had the second heart attack of his life back in mid-February. (The first one was the year before I started this journal.) Didn't need any major surgery this time, but it scared him enough that he's finally going to quit smoking. He and Mum are both cutting back on the habit, but Neechan's of the opinion that since she's only 20, she can get away with a few more years as she is. *shakes her head*

- I need another fandom like I need a hole in the head - so of course, I get caught by three of them. Two because I seem to be on a 'classic fandoms' kick, and two because I have a crush on David McCallum.

And the new icon is the closest I'm ever coming to posting an identifiable image of myself, BTW.
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