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timing is everything or: Trek Expo 2003

Tulsa hosted its annual Trek Expo this weekend. Due to the fact that my car (a.k.a. the S.S. Murphy) is once again not working, I had to borrow Mum's. Just as well, since she wanted to go along with me. Best day for the both of us - Sunday, so she could see George Takei and I could see Gordon Wolvett.

(Of course, the fact that Wil Wheaton was there for all three days made me wish I could have afforded that much time away from work.)

So last night, I got everything I'd need gathered up: $38 for general admission and one autograph ticket, the case for my DVD of Toy Soldiers (leaving the DVD in the player), and the basic outfit of a semi-sane fangirl - black Chucks, white socks, jeans, and a blue tie-dyed t-shirt. Woke up about 7:45-ish this morning, got dressed, and ran over the office basics for the substitute when she came in at 8.

Picked Mum up about ten after (still had her car after chauffeuring her to and from work the other day) and started on our way. Hit the Tulsa city limits around 9:30-ish and started trying to remember how I'd gotten there last year.

"Well, we've got plenty of time," Mum commented.

"Hardly! We'll still need to find a parking space and stand in line for a bit."

Got to the Expo Center at about ten 'til 10 and found a spot not too horribly far from the entrance. Not too much of a line for the people who hadn't already paid for admission, so we got in almost as soon as the doors opened.

So now, of course, there had to be at least one snafu for the day. General admission, listed as $8 on the website, had gone up to $10 plus a dollar and some for tax. (Please keep in mind the fact that I am a fangirl on an anorexic budget.) In the end, Mum helped me out with a $10 loan so I could get in, get the autograph ticket, and have just enough buy a few small things.

Nothing much at the Q&A section that I was interested until noon, so we just wandered around a bit. Made all my purchases for the day then -

* two buttons, reading Who says goddesses have to be anorexic? and This human is owned by cat (which isn't quite accurate - I'm owned by two cats)
* a bumper sticker for Team Banzai
* and a postcard sized photo of myself sitting in a DeLorean that attempted to look like the BTTF car. "I look stoned," was my first opinion of my expression in the shot. Despite Mum's statements otherwise, I'm still thinking that.

By noon, I'd found all the locations I needed to find. Sat in on the Q&A for the hour, which was Don S. Davis from Stargate SG-1. Really nice guy, though all I can remember was that he's getting married on the 5th, he'll be at Comic-Con along with Amanda Tapping, and that Corin Nemec will be coming back for a few more episodes this season.

Ten or so after 1, and Anthony Michael Hall was running late for his Q&A. No loss (I think), since I can't stand The Dead Zone. So while the con staff filled the time with a bit of charity auctioning, I wandered through the displays and wished I had just a little more cash.

Wil Wheaton got in around 1:30-ish. Had some copies of his book set out - $10 for just the book, $20 for an autographed copy, no ticket required. If I hadn't already ordered a copy a few weeks back, I'd've been tempted.

Finally got to the table and handed over my ticket and DVD cover. "So how do you pronounce an asterisk?" I asked. (And if you're wondering why the hell I said that, go here for the explanation.)

For the life of me, I can't remember his answer.

"It's the same way you pronounce Prince's symbol," was the opinion of a nearby con assistant. Bit of laughter all around, and Wil handed back the cover along with two postcard sized ads for his site and his book. "Thanks for reading my site." I smiled and walked away.

1:45, and I was now the owner of a silver inked scrawl on the front cover of Toy Soldiers.
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