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My boss is proving himself a total ass.

Business is supposed to be picking up by this time of year, but apparently it's not doing do as fast as it should. So guess who's getting the blame for it?

Last week he bitched me out for being two minutes late getting back from helping my dad out at his latest project. Well I'm sorry, but at this moment in time I need all the income from both jobs, and the lady who hired Dad is keeping her eye on the timeclock so I can't leave early and still get full pay.

Not to mention I have to go up to Wichita after my new glasses on Thursday, and the only way I can get his daughter-in-law to sub for me that morning is to clean the place to the point where it looks like one of those picture perfect displays that have obviously never been lived in. (I'm not even going to dignify either of their snotty comments about Isis and Osiris.)

I swear, if I could find a better paying job in the area, I'd be gone so fast he'd choke on the dust.

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