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Osiris has had a nasty looking lump on his right front paw for a few days. I hadn't noticed it before, since he's a rather solitary cat, and when I finally did, I just figured it could wait until the next time the local vet came through since he wasn't limping or anything.

Then yesterday afternoon, he had actually decided to sit on my lap for a while, and I saw the lump was coming loose. However, it looked like was coming off at the bone. So I called the vet and Mum was nice enough to drive him down there, since I can't leave during office hours.

Turns out he had an abscess on one of his toe pads. The vet took it off, (bone wasn't showing, just me being paranoid) but like as not Osiris will be a pad short after this.

Mum told me to leave him in the carrier overnight 'cause it would be better for him after everything. Wrong. He peed all over the floor, rolled around in it, and somehow worked off his bandage. I've been trying to replace it, but he keeps on wrenching away and back clawing the gauze out of my hands....

I'm useless. Maybe I should just take them back to the pound or give them over to Mum, because I obviously can't take care of them worth anything.
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