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one white Christmas....

We actually had several inches of snow fall back on Monday, so there's still a fair bit left. I love snow, provided I don't have to shovel it or drive on it.

Went to the Christmas buffet in town with my folks, Neechan, and my aunt and uncle. Not bad, really.

First bit of present exchange was at the parents'. Mum came close to both flattening and strangling me with a hug when she got to the CD I gave her - she'd been looking for that one for a while. (Took me fifteen different stores to find it.)

Second part was over at my uncle's home. Just when I figured we'd opened everything, I got a tiny gift bag. Reached inside and found a cardboard circle.

More specifically, it was the model number circle from the box of a relatively new HP computer setup.

Not what I was expecting at all, since I had been recruited into helping my mother pick the thing up from the store in the first place! She'd said we were getting it for Neechan for her schoolwork.

(In retrospect, I should have realized something was up the first time I saw Neechan's place - it's not half as big as mine, and I don't have all that much space to begin with.)

They got me good. Somebody said I'd gone completely red at that point, and I'm willing to believe them.

So once I get a desk and clear out the area for it, I'll be typing from a computer that'll actually work. (Wow, that'll be a first.)

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