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Yeah, I know. Epic fail on keeping up with any commentaries. I can only plead stress, lack of time, and the inability to say what I want to if I have to think it out after the fact.

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So apparently, some customer claimed I refused to change his order a few nights ago, stormed in the next day to demand my name from management, and called customer service to complain.

End result - unemployed, once again. Right after I went ahead and ordered the tickets for this, too.

Oddly enough, the last time I was fired? I was still saving up for The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto. It's like there's some conspiracy trying to keep me stuck in Kansas.
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SPN 4.01

Okay y'all, I'm going to try typing this out as I watch. No promises on how well this'll work, mind you - last time I tried this was the '02-'03 season of 24, and that didn't go so well....

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I got a haircut yesterday. Walked in, told the stylist to cut it as short as it'd go without becoming a buzzcut, and almost had a panic attack at my first look at the work in progress (I remember thinking 'all I need now is a lightning shaped scar'). Turned out good, though.

Granted, I have gone from just-past-shoulder length to the shortest it's been since I was a baby, but from everyone's reactions, you'd think it was the most important thing to have happened ever.
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Good news - Transfer went through this week. Co-workers and managers who treat me like a person, not a braindead screwup. Also am allowed to wear my mp3 player during my shift. *grins*

(Slightly) bad news - Seems I'm working six days a week now, rather than the four a week at the previous location. Good for my bank account. Not so good for having much of a life outside th' job, though.

Ah, well.
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I hate my workplace.

My managers have, so far:

-told me several things about my job that I have later been informed "No, that's not how you do that."
-assured me that the important paperwork for SSI I needed them to fill out by a certain date would be taken care of, when in fact, it wasn't.
-insisted that I was mad about something when I wasn't (though I get this from quite a few people, for some unknown reason).
-this week's schedule (which normally goes up Wed. morning/afternoon) was apparently posted sometime late Friday. After 2 in the afternoon, because that's when I went in find out what happened with the SSI paperwork. They still had last week's up, and silly me, I neglected to check the dates as well as the times. End result, I didn't work Friday night even though I was suppose to. (The only reason I was not called about this, they said, was because it wound up being a far slower night than normal.)
-and in general, made me feel like a useless fucking cunt who can't do a single goddamned thing right, no matter how hard I try.

I'm checking about transferring to the other store (smaller and a bit farther from home, but the people there are are easier to get along with), but I'd have to switch from full-time third shift to part-time second and third shifts. Provided the part-time is more than 20 hours a week and I can keep my insurance, I'm going to go for it.

...then again, too many more nights like these and I'll go for it regardless.
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